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Six Rocks
LP / Nowy

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A1. From The Otherside
A2. Smoak
A3. Courting Sunshine
A4. Fated
A5. Best
B1. Roles
B2. We Like The Dark
B3. Real Enough To Be
B4. Leaning Toward Not Sure
B5. Six Rocks
B6. Beach Baby (Part Ii)
Opis produktu

Meet the Steoples — Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker and Yeofi Andoh. Gabriel is a longtime producer, under the name Gifted & Blessed a.k.a. GB, integral to the start of the Los Angeles beat scene. He recorded his full-length debut album in 2004, which also marked the first collaboration with vocalist and U.K. native Yeofi on the haunting “Love is the End” single. The two had met through mutual friends, drawn to one another through their shared appreciation for genre-defying creativity.

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