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3LP / Nowy

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A1. Junior Boys - Like A Child (Carl Craig Remix)
A2. - Psychobeat (Unreleased)
B1. Innerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bass Bin (Carl Craig Sessions Mix)
C1. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - Relevee (Carl Craig Sessions Remix)
C2. Rhythm & Sound - Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix)
D1. Paperclip People - Throw (Unreleased Version)
E1. Carl Craig - Futurelovetheme (Carl Craig Sessions Mix)
E2. Directions - Busted Trees (Carl Craig Sessions Remix)
F1. Beanfield - Tides (Carl Craig Sessions Remix)
Opis produktu

"Sessions" brings together a personal selection of Carl Craig's incredible back catalogue, from his early work under the aliases PAPERCLIP PEOPLE, PSYCHE and 69 to worldwide hits like "Throw" and ground-breaking tracks like "Bug in the Bassbin". "Sessions" reminds us of how exciting and unique Carl Craig's productions and remixes are and why he remains at the top of his game - a retrospective of one of the world's most influential and groundbreaking figures in electronic music.

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