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Total 17
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Thomas/ Mayer - 25
A2. Superpitcher Feat Fantastic Twins - In My Head
B1. Jürgen Paape - Always Disko
B2. Weval - Metazoa
C1. Chris Klopfer - Ashamed (Raquet & Stetter Edit)
C2. Max Scholpp - The Dream
D1. Nu U Orchestra - Ambrosia
D2. Voigt & Voight - Tribute To A Greek God
Opis produktu

Inaugurated in the summer of 1999, our Total compilation series happens to be only slightly older than the 21st century itself – which makes Total 17 the last instalment before the series hits adulthood. And indeed, the Total class of 2017 exudes a playful abundance few other compilations can match after 15+ years: label veterans and newcomers such as Superpitcher, Weval, Tobias Thomas & Michael Mayer, Chris Klopfer, Juergen Paape, Voigt & Voigt, Max Scholpp and Nu U Orchestra provide some of the catchiest material the series has seen to date.

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