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Good Time OST (2LP+MP3+Poster/ Gatefold)
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Good Time
A2. Bail Bonds
A3. 6th Floor
B1. Hospital Escape/Access-A-Ride
B2. Ray Wakes Up
B3. Entry To White Castle
B4. Flashback
C1. Adventurers
C2. Romance Apocalypse
C3. The Acid Hits
C4. Leaving The Park
D1. Connie
D2. The Pure & The Damned (feat Iggy Pop)
Opis produktu

Oneohtrix Point Never follows up his recent productions for ANOHNI and FKA Twigs, with possibly his most ambitious project yet, the award-winning Good Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Recently scooping the best soundtrack award 2017 at Cannes, it features thirteen tracks of electronic wonderment with an incredible and utterly flooring collaboration with none other than Iggy Pop. 

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