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Power To The People
kaseta / Nowy

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01. Charlie Parker Temptation (MdCL Remix)
02. GB Black Narcissus
Opis produktu

"Power to the People is about activism through art. Music certainly doesn’t have to be angry, loud or noisy to embody the spirit of progress, freedom and unity - sometimes it’s the quiet ones that resonate the most. For my part, the mixtape selection is all about music with undeniable essence and substance that goes hand in hand with great artistry and reflecting the human spirit. Taking the past and recontextualizing it to the present - keeping it all timeless. On the 7” we’ve paid homage to two iconic titans of jazz - Charlie Parker and Joe Henderson - the former remixed by me and the latter reworked from scratch with an original GB interpretation. Kick back, relax and enjoy!" - Mark de Clive-Lowe

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