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Penelope EP
LP / Nowy

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A1. Penelope feat Blu & Dave Dar
A2. Down 4 Me (Instrumental)
A3. Don't Hold Your Breathe feat Teniece Divya Johnson, Arin Mya & Dave Dar
A4. Wait (Instrumental)
B1. Low Kut
B2. Every Moment (Instrumental)
B3. Neva Ends
B4. We Been Here Before
Opis produktu

Penelope is the 2nd installment from the AG & John Robinson EP series produced by Ray West. This time around they call on the prolific West Coast wordsmith BLU on the title track ""Penelope"" where all the emcees are painting verbal pictures of their own personal Dream Girl, this track also features frequent collaborator Dave Dar. The soundscapes provided by Ray West are ill collages of jazz loops, live horns, percussion sounds, vintage drum machines and more. 

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