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Africa Must Be Free By 1983
LP / Nowy

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A1. Let's All Unite
A2. My Mind
A3. Africa Must Be Free By 1983
A4. Why Do Black Men Fuss & Fight
B1. Book Of Life
B2. Run Revolution A Come
B3. Day Of Judgement
B4. Jah Will Provide
B5. Ital Sip
Opis produktu

An exclusive re-release of Hugh Mundell and Augustus Pablo’s “Africa Must be Free by 1983,” will be released on VP Records on August 18th. The original 1978 release became a prominent title in the roots reggae genre earning a five-star review by Rolling Stone magazine. In commemoration of the Greensleeves 40th anniversary this year, the new release offers listeners a re-mastered and re-sequenced ‘showcase style’ of the classic album.

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