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Where The Gods Are In Peace (LP+MP3)
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A1. Gold Rush
A2. Hook & Crook
B1. Tombstone (Movement 1 Good Doer - feat Zap Mama)
B2. Tombstone (Movement 2 Mami Water Town - feat Zap Mama)
B3. Tombstone (Movement 3 Gates Of Zion - feat Zap Mama)
Opis produktu

Martin Perna's infamous Antibalas crew, or 'bulletproof' as we like to call them, have been one of the most consistent sources of quality afrobeat since the late 90s, first coming through on the then fledgling Ninja Tune, out of the UK. Over the last five years, Brooklyn's ever-impressive Daptone Records have snapped them up, with this new album, Where The Gods Are In Peace, being the group's second LP for the afro powerhouse label. "Gold Rush" opens with a frenetic, supremely funky ode to Fela, all nervous and cosmic, followed by the comparatively deeper and more laid-back groove of "Hook & Crook".

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