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Harmony Of Difference
CD / Nowy

Data premiery: 2017-10-02

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01. Desire
02. Humility
03. Knowledge
04. Perspective
05. Integrity
06. Truth
Opis produktu

Kamasi Washington's Young Turks debut arrives in the form of his six track Harmony Of Difference EP, a brilliant new offering of his uniquely stylised psychedelic sound. Originally premiered as part of the Whitney Museum of American Art 2017 Biennial alongside a film by A.G. Rojas, Harmony Of Difference offers a six part suite that explores the philosophical possibilities of the musical technique known as “counterpoint,” which Washington defines as “the art of balancing similarity and difference to create harmony between separate melodies”. Coming encased in a dazzling sleeve design featuring artwork by Kamasi's sister Amani Washington, Harmony Of Difference is the perfectly formed spiritual partner to his 2015 Brainfeeder album The Epic. A brilliantly infectious journey into the rhythm, sound and structure of Kamasi's soundworld.

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