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pres. Private Collection Vol.3: More Independent Jazz Sounds From 70s & 80s
3LP / Nowy

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A1. Roy Haines - Quiet Fire
A2. Don Rader - Don't Touch
B1. John Lee & Gerry Brown - Infinite Jones
B2. John Thomas & Lifeforce - Maryke
B3. Banda Metalurgia - La Em Guayaquil
C1. Belair - Samba For A Cold Warrior
C2. Francisco Mara Catlett - Samba De Amor
D1. Louis Hayes Group - Little Sunflower (feat Leon Thomas)
D2. Lee Willhite - The World Is A Ghetto
D3. Clarice Labbe & Charlie Hampton - No Other Love But You
E1. Ronald Snijders - Latinetta
E2. Finn Savery Trio - Misturada
E3. Ira Sullivan - The Kingdom Within You
F1. Webster Lewis - Do You Believe (alternate version)
Opis produktu

Beloved DJ, compiler and incurable vinyl junkie, Kev Beadle returns to BBE with a 3rd volume of his much lauded ‘Private Collection’ album series. Taking in a wide range of obscure jazz with a distinct nod to the dance-floor, the first two ‘Private Collections’ are already considered classics by the jazz-dance community. Once again presenting a wealth of ultra-rare sounds previously only available to record collectors with very deep pockets, Vol.3 sees Kev inviting us to travel even deeper into the vinyl vaults.

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