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Neo Wax Bloom (Clear Vinyl Edition)
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Pale Eyes
A2. Super Ink Burst
A3. Bug Thief
B1. Solar Blade
B2. White Gum
B3. Purity Shards
C1. Zen Thug
C2. Infinite Mint feat Cuushe
C3. Teal Yomi/olivine feat Mr Yote
D1. Peanut Choker
D2. God Grid
Opis produktu

Almost two years to the day since he made his debut as a teenager on Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder imprint with the “Chinese Nü Year” EP - four tracks documenting the time-traveling adventures of a gelatinous worm-shaped creature called Xiangjiao. Expanding on this story, “Neō Wax Bloom” follows the events surrounding two giant eyeballs crashing into the mysterious world of Mamu. Across its 11 tracks, Iglooghost builds a typically intense, hysterical, borderline batshit crazy soundtrack, introducing new characters to his fantastical world and inviting back old friends Mr. Yote and Cuushe for the ride.

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