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Daily Affirmations
LP / Nowy

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A1. Milk & Honey (Intro)
A2. 4urhealth
A3. Daily Affirmations (feat Quelle Chris)
A4. Rhythm
A5. Get Started
A6. Dry Figs
A7. NuWav
A8. Clik
A9. Us Vs Them (feat Oliver The 2nd & Jeremiah Jae)
A10. Komplet
A11. Liga
B1. Cauliflower
B2. Iave Been Called (Skit)
B3. Don't Play
B4. Places/Spaces
B5. Money Fast (feat Denmark Vessey)
B6. Coming Home
B7. Loveeachotha
B8. Mushon's House
B9. Hello
B10. Hold Your Hand (feat Nanna B)
B11. Shabat Shalom (Outro)
Opis produktu

The musical blueprint of both Tel Aviv and Los Angeles readily apparent in Cohenbeats’ Stones Throw release, “Daily Affirmations”. While Israeli samples influenced by jazz, progressive rock and Brazilian music are threaded throughout, the undeniable backbone of the album continues to be inspired by LA beatmakers.

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