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Secao Ritmica: Instrumental Funk From '70s Brazil
LP+7" / Nowy

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A1. Ed Lincoln - "Eu Quero Levar Voce Pra Casa"
A2. Free Sound Orchestra - "The King's Bounce"
A3. Dom Salvador - "Tio Macro"
A4. Aquarius Band - "Sultana"
A5. Ed Maciel - "Festa"
A6. Cry Babies - "Kool & The Gang"
B1. Cesar Mariano & CIA - "Metropole"
B2. Banda Black Rio - "Mr Funky Samba"
B3. Brazil Very Happy Band - "Tipo Africa"
B4. Free Sound Orchestra - "Rush"
B5. Ze Rodrix - "Assalto"
C1. Hot Stuff Band - "Ju-Ju Man"
D1. Som Orlando Silveira - "Big Splash"
Opis produktu

Thanks to a steady stream of compilations and reissues, many are now familiar with the contribution made by Brazilian artists to the sounds of '70s jazz-funk and disco. This brilliant compilation takes a different approach, instead shining a light on the country's instrumental funk scene during that most exciting of musical decades. Largely made up of unknown cuts by obscure artists, the material combines the horn-toting, Hammond-sporting heaviness of U.S soul and funk from the period with the sun-kissed colour and jaunty swing of indigenous Brazilian music. It's a hugely attractive hybrid sound that guarantees thrills and spills throughout, not to mention a string of highlights. Check it out for yourself: we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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