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A1. Ccclx - I (Curtain)
A2. Tha Doorz
A3. Drop Down
A4. Elevated
A5. Mazerati
A6. Freeman
B1. Ccclx Ii (Intermission)
B2. Distrust
B3. Ccclx Iii (Costume)
B4. Ono
B5. Ccclx Iv (Black Out)
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On his long-anticipated debut album, Lunice approaches his music from every conceivable angle. The album is titled CCCLX, after all— It’s a title that can be taken several ways. For one it indicates his vision of the project as something bigger than just music — something encompassing visuals, movement, lifestyle and on the simplest level, it’s an indication of how this album will make the listener feel: totally immersed and surrounded. The album features collaborations with Quebec MCs Speng and CJ Flemming, along with the likes of Sophie, King Mez, Le1f and Denzel Curry.

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