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pres. Tropical Drums Of Deutschland
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Om Buschman - Klang Fährt An
A2. Total Art Of Percussion - Wuhan Wuchang
A3. Argile - Tagtraum Eines Elefanten
A4. Rudiger Oppermann's Harp Attack - Troubadix In Africa
B1. Argile - Kleine Rosa Wolk
B2. Sanza - Sounouh
B3. Om Buschman - Prima Kalimba
C1. Bob Moses / Billy Martin - Boat Song Part I
C2. Ralf Nowy - Akili Mali
C3. Trimopen - Wagagroove
C4. Om Buschman - Hey Tata Gorem
D1. Om Buschman - Hey Tata Gorem (Wolf Müller Edit)
D2. TCP - At The Water-Hole (Wolf Müller Edit)
Opis produktu

Most of the tracks picked by Schulte were released on small labels in the late 80's. The musicians involved were mainly traditionally schooled, born and raised in Germany. At that time to be interested in foreign folk music might have seemed a gimmick to some, what with the emerging "world music boom" already snowballing into the mainstream. But these songs, while they may be based on musical traditions from foreign lands, deal much more with introspection than exploitation. 

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