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Double Sided
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Burning Love
A2. Double Sided
A3. Luv 2 Luv
B1. Choose (feat Aima The Dreamer)
B2. No No No (feat Tiggy Tafari)
B3. Re Run
C1. Been Waiting All Night
C2. Stand Up (feat Parly B)
C3. Ride Slow
D1. That's Not Me (feat Aima The Dreamer)
D2. How Long
D3. Shoop Shoop (feat Pugz Atomz)
Opis produktu

Singer/songwriter Katrina Blackstone first collaborated with DJ Vadim back in 2014, making a number of ear catching guest appearances on the veteran beat-maker's Dubcatcher LP. Since then, the pair has extensively toured together and here deliver their first join full-length. Blackstone, a formidable songwriter and distinctive vocalist, seems to have a knack of getting the best out of Vadim, because Double Sided contains some of his best production work for some time. More reliant on drum machines and synthesizers than the samples of old, the storied Russian lays down "riddims" that variously draw on digi-dub, dancehall, R&B, hip-hop-soul, skewed synth-pop and alien boogie, all the while putting Blackstone's brilliant voice front and centre.

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