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Volume 1: The Sound Of Mercury Rising
12" / Nowy

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A1. Tony Esposito - Danza Dell'acqua
A2. Tore - She's A Lady
B1. Elkin & Nelson - Abran Paso - Ahoa (Enrolle)
B2. Van Mccoy & The Soul City Symphony - Spanish Boogie
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Compiled With Love By DJ Harvey

In 2015 DJ Harvey made his hugely anticipated return to Ibiza and made Pikes his home for his Mercury Rising debut, a concept inspired by the beauty of the real Ibiza, the incredible history of Pikes and a genuine love for music. The love, the dancing, the music and the Balearic spirit perfectly and poetically encapsulated by DJ Harvey has seen Mercury Rising widely recognised as the most special night to embrace the island in over a decade.

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