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A1. Clay
A2. Estrella
A3. Journey To Another Planet
A4. Origen
A5. Clockwise
A6. Dream Trip
A7. Outro
B1. Redux
B2. Revell
B3. Anytime I See
B4. Sunny Daze
B5. Sardine
B6. Navajo
B7. Diario
B8. Eight
B9. Intersomnia
B10. Seven
B11. The Other
B12. Spiritualized
Opis produktu
“KO-OP 1” highlights the talent of two of our favorite new producers from Sevilla, Spain and Stuttgart, Germany. Juan RIOS’s dreamy, sun-drenched grooves make a perfect fit with the slightly darker, jazz-induced sound of Smoke Trees. The album artwork has been designed by Berlin-based illustrator Rahel Süsskind (best known for her work with Money $ex Records) and comes with two front covers. The LP is limited to 500 copies. 
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