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Free Fire OST
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Where We Going
A2. Do The Boob
A3. I'm I.I.F.M/Sledgehammer Cracks Nut/This Is Ord
A4. Docks Beat/Step Into My Office
A5. Run Through The Jungle
A6. Raw Onions
A7. Vern
A8. Come Out
B1. Gorgeous As Ever/Money Count/Nice Teeth
B2. Harlequins Reunion/Steven's Been Reprimanded
B3. Stevo Apologises/Suck On This
B4. First Shot/Mostly The Suit
B5. Martin Shot
B6. Will Everybody Calm The Fuck Down/Snipers
B7. Good To Go
B8. Free Firing Gunshot Solo
B9. The Phone Rings
B10. Watch & Vern
C1. Crawl Chase/So That's What A Fucking Brain Looks Like
C2. Lead Lobotomy/Poke Him In The Eye
C3. We Can't All Be Nice Girls
D1. That's Why I Appreciate The Arts/Leary
D2. Aiming For The Nose/Oh Fuck
D3. Where Do You Think You're Going Little Harry
D4. Annie's Song
D5. A John Denver Story/Justine's Theme
D6. This Old Guitar
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Silver Double Vinyl! incl. Download Card!

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