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Belgian Nuggets 90s-00s Vol.1
2LP / Nowy

Mayway / MAYWAY002LP

Rock / Indie

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A1. Two Russian Cowboys - The Spider In Love
A2. DEUS - My Wife Jan
A3. Thou - Don't Ask
A4. Kolk - Lemmet
A5. The Same - Swallow
B1. Monsoon - How Much For One Night On Mars?
B2. Elisa Waut - The New Light Age
B3. Pop Machine - Sage
B4. SeXmachines - Teasin
B5. De Portables - Haut Gay
C1. Nid & Sancy - What You Want/What You Get
C2. Wizards Of Ooze - Bright Day
C3. Peeters & Angst - Stalen Zenuwen
C4. Volt - Rincez-Moi
C5. Airlock - In The Mouth Of The Fish
D1. Starving - La Plage
D2. The Beautiful Babies - Angelina
D3. Prediker - Apocalyps Picknick
D4. Maxon Blewitt - Mexicali
D5. Gesman - Psychologica
Opis produktu
This 2LP comes in a gatefold sleeve with liner notes. Volume 1 of the Belgian Nuggets 90s-00s compilation series: a collection of obscure Belgian tracks of superior quality dating back to that specific period: forgotten singles, B-sides, album tracks and demos. Including tracks by dEUS, The Beautiful Babies, Elisa Waut, Volt, SeXmachines and more.
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