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Black Tie Affair
LP / Nowy

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A1. Feast
A2. Let The Horns Blow
A3. Double Up feat Paten Locke
A4. Femme Fatale
A5. Last Call
B1. Feast (Instrumental)
B2. Let The Horns Blow (Instrumental)
B3. Double Up (Instrumental)
B4. Femme Fatale (Instrumental)
B5. Last Call (Instrumental)
Opis produktu

Having met back in 2008, Dillon & the legendary Diamond D have been friends and artistic associates from day one. Those paying attention would have noticed Dillon's mixing credits on 'The Diam Piece' and most recently Sadat X's 'The Sum of a Man' (produced entirely by D Squizzy) - all the while they've been cooking up classy joints together on the side, waiting for the right time to let the heads in on 'the next kept secret'. 

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