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Flashbacks 1992-1998 (Gatefold 3LP+MP3)
3LP / Nowy

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A1. Move My Body
A3. Fairchild
B1. Jesus
B2. MF 3
B3. Mulunga
C1. Odyssey
C2. Disappear
C3. Faith In Acid
D1. Radium
D2. Gamma Ray
E1. Turkey Skank
E2. Black Knight
F1. Neon
F2. Starseed
F3. On The Couch
Opis produktu
Situated in Germany's then blistering techno scene and especially a mirror of Frankfurt at the time (and it's holy label trinity of Playhouse, Klang and Ongaku), Flashbacks are also a feedback loop to what was happening in the UK and the USA. Flügel and Wuttke succeeded with their own and unique take on it, that owned as much to Underground Resistance and the Belleville Three as it did to Sven Väth and Andrew Weatherall.
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