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Currents - Collectors Edition BOX SET
box / Nowy

Caroline / 602557143591

Rock / Indie

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A1. Let It Happen
A2. Nangs
A3. The Moment
B1. Yes I'm Changing
B2. Evenutally
B3. Gossip
C1. The Less I Know The Better
C2. Past Life
C3. Disciples
C4. Cause I'm A Man
D1. Reality In Motion
D2. Love/Paranoia
D3. New Person, Same Old Mistakes
E1. Let It Happen (Soulwax remix)
F1. Reality In Motion (Gum remix)
G1. List Of People (To Try & Forget About)
H1. Taxi's Here
I1. Powerlines
Opis produktu

The "Currents Collectors Edition" box set includes the 2LP album on limited colored vinyl with alternate artwork, a 12inch featuring two remixes, and a 7inch and flexidisc with three b-sides. Plus a poster and a zine of images and scribbles offering a candid glimpse into the making of "Currents".

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