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Casablanca EP (Vinyl+MP3)
LP / Nowy

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A1. Casablanca Jungle
A2. Shalom
A3. Ya Layli
B1. Wham
B2. I'm Not A Legend
Opis produktu

Malca is an artist from Casablanca in Morocco. He has played Pitchfork Festival in Paris recently & his video for„Casablanca Jungle“ got 75.000 clicks in a little more then a week. Malca's musical output is deeply connected with the identity of his hometown. It the source of his inspiration and stories, a socially complex place in the middle of Orient and Occident. „Casablanca Jungle“ is a place full of schizophrenia build on the remains of the old French colonial empire blended with the 1980s dream of America where ultra capitalism melts with the ideas exported from the Gulf region.

To add to this unique blend Malca himself is one of the few remaining jewish citizens of Morocco. Jewish life has always been a part of Moroccan history to this day, a topic he dedicates: „I’m not a legend“ on his new EP to. An EP that blends Arabic musical traditions with futuristic soul, psychedelic R&B and classic pop moments. His music is matched with very distinctive visuals mirroring the life of the Arabic youth in Morocco in 2017 drawn between religion, tradition, love, the internet, drugs and party life. A life in between worlds.

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