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Face Your Fear
CD / Nowy

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01. Wednesday Morning Atonement
02. Face Your Fear
03. On & On
04. Go As You Are
05. Till The End
06. Need Your Love
07. Dream Girl
08. Welcome To My World
09. Ghost Of You
10. Need My Baby
11. As I Am
Opis produktu

The new album follows 2014’s Soul Power, on which Rolling Stone called Harding an “artist you need to know.” Harding fuels his psychedelic sound with the essence of Soul but isn’t bound by it. Instead, the songs on the new album convey an eclectic blend of genres leaping from the many musical lives he has lived from following his evangelical Gospel-singing mother on tour as a child in Michigan to rapping in Atlanta, forming a garage band with The Black Lips’ Cole Alexander to singing back-up for Cee Lo Green. 

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