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Vertical Iris
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Rock Outta Space
A2. Mustafa In The Sky With Diamonds (feat Sach)
A3. Gravity (feat Audessey)
A4. Ego System
B1. Blueway (feat LayFullStop)
B2. Everybody (feat Venomous2000)
B3. 2 Hits (feat Glad2Mecha)
C1. Galactic Waltz
C2. Ruff 'N' Tumble (feat Pseudo Slang)
C3. Mind Power (feat Audessey & Pete Flux)
D1. Don't Play Yourself (feat Black Josh)
D2. We Got Shit
D3. Elevation (feat Audessey)
Opis produktu

A Cat Called Fritz is back on another journey through space and sound. His sample-based trademark productions, using crispy samples and heavy drums, again lay the foundation for an allstar cast of feature guests on the mic including like-minded cats like Sach of The Nonce, Audessey, Glad2Mecha, Black Josh, Pete Flux, Pseudo Slang and others. Big tip!

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