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Baby Don't You Know
7" / Nowy

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A1. Baby Don't You Know
B1. Baby Don't You Know (instrumental)
Opis produktu

This is the third single from the Roy Ayers label Uno Melodic Records after 7” releases by Ethel Beatty and Sylvia Striplin. Another sought after record, “Baby Don’t You Know” from 1982 is by Bobbi Humphrey, flautish from Texas who came to Uno Melodic after highly acclaimed music for Blue Note (including ”Harlem River Drive”) and Epic (“The Good Life”). She also recorded for Duke Ellington and Stevie Wonder. Out of the two versions of this record, the instrumental has gained particular notoriety over the years. Both the original 7” and 12” are extremely rare, the music production from Bobbi, Roy Ayers and his team in their element.

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