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A1. Thelove
A2. Alone
A3. Heavensent (feat Arthi)
A4. Drowning In Tomorrow
A5. I Ain't Scared Of No Devil (feat DJ Godfrey Ho)
A6. Somethingtochewon (feat Henry Wu)
A7. Yesiknw (feat Quentin Kane)
B1. Doooooooooooooooooo
B2. Wejustcousins
B3. Later
B4. Goodlord (feat Nick Walters)
B5. Trinkets
B6. Youkilledmyson (feat Loretta Smith)
Opis produktu

Since he first shared his music with IZWID Records boss Kutmah at a Brainfeeder afterparty in London, Jitwam has released through Leaving Records, Cosmic Compositions, and The Jazz Diaries (the label he co-runs with Casey Van Reyk and Nigel Mphisa). He’s also written with Inkswel (BBE) and Paul White (R&S), featured on Moodymann’s K7! “DJ-Kicks” compilation and been championed by Gilles Peterson, Alexander Nut, Andrew Jervis (Bandcamp), and Funkineven. Mainly mixed and mastered by Matthewdavid at Stones Throw studios in Los Angeles, “िज़तम िसहँ (selftitled)“ will be available on vinyl and digital formats.

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