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Game Of Death
LP / Nowy

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A1. Life (feat Hakhem UL Allah)
A2. WTF?
A3. Ever So Lightly
A4. We Are
A5. Damn
B1. Ooh Wee (Shakiyla part 4)
B2. GOD (Game Of Death)
B3. Black Fear
B4. Amen
B5. Death (feat Akil Jatu Allah)
Opis produktu

Rooted in Universal Science, the album takes dead aim at mediocre, dumbed down, manufactured rap while treating Music as the weapon it is. This is cultural warfare bridging the gap from Roxanne & Biz Markie to Jay Electronica & Erykah Badu. Bending time & space, Gensu & Wise take listeners through history with amazingly wide-eyed clarity. With statements as straight-forward as “Your shit aint Hiphop if it’s corporate” there is no missing the message of self-determination. This is the type of liberation that starts with your mind and is more about what you shed than what you add on. Somebody say Amen.

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