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In The Beginning: Before The Heavens
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Soul Provider
A2. Another Day
A3. Constellations
B1. All These Ladies (feat Dr Oop)
B2. Party Of Two
B3. Back To Basics
B4. On The Radio
C1. You're Gonna Die Someday
C2. Life Is A Gamble (feat Donel Smokes Trek Life & Coss)
C3. Things We Say" (feat Aloe Blacc)
D1. Hot For Yall" (feat Donel Smokes)
D2. Hard Workers (feat Blame One)
D3. Sold The Soul
D4. Stress Off The Chest
Opis produktu

10 years after Blu and Exile released their magnum opus Below the Heavens, the California duo have reunited to release 14 tracks from the original 2007 sessions. In the Beginning: Before the Heavens contains previously heard songs and unreleased gems – the best of the best chosen from over 40 songs in the vault.

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