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Azul (Max Graef, Contours & Glenn Astro Remixes)
12" / Nowy

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A1. Azul (Max Graef remix)
A2. Azul (Contours remix)
B1. Azul (Glenn Astro remix)
Opis produktu

For the second 12” of the series we’ve enlisted two of the most on-fire producers in Germany: Max Graef and Glenn Astro, along with one of the UK’s brightest ascendant producers. Back fighting, kicking and beating as strong as or perhaps even stronger than ever before, Ivan ‘Mamao’ Conti is releasing a brand new solo album next year. Now fitted with a new iron hip- thanks to the immense generosity of his fan base who crowdfunded the operation – the Azymuth drummer still remains one of the greatest and outright funkiest drummers alive anywhere in the universe as he enters this new bionic era. 

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