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LP / Nowy

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A1. Pregaming The Rapture
A2. Panorama (feat Jake Weary)
A3. A Grass Day
A4. Young Lava
A5. Final Impasse
B1. The Dig
B2. Animal (feat Jake Weary)
B3. Shlava (feat Shlohmo & JonWayne)
B4. New Flesh
B5. One For Her
Opis produktu

For Jasper Patterson aka Groundislava, creativity combined with the video game, sci-fi sounds and general aesthetics of the 1980's have been instilled since day one. A young 20 year-old hailing from Venice, California, Jasper's father both animated and directed the classic "Take On Me" video by A-Ha and while Groundislava isn't exactly the next logical step from the Norwegian new wave group, Jasper takes that same creative freedom and emotion and injects it into a sound grounded in beats, video games, technology and self-proclaimed "nerdy shit."

Ta strona wykorzystuje ciasteczka w celu zapewnienia najwyższej jakości usług.