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The Layered Effect
LP / Nowy

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A1. Here Comes Another One (feat BlabberMouf)
A2. The Layered Effect
A3. The Perfect Definition
A4. Get On That
A5. Do The Andypuppet
A6. Last Of A Dying Breed
B1. Anything Goes (feat Abdominal)
B2. Can't Be Satisfied
B3. B-Boy Blues
B4. Sizzling Hot/Just One Of The JB's (interlude)
B5. Rick Said So
B6. A New Dawn
Opis produktu

The Layered Effect' by US rapper/producer Andy Cooper offers a punchy reminder of the creative fun to be had in digging for breaks, stringing up loops and layering up stratas of sound. Brimming full of delightful inflexions from the world of jazz, easy listening, film soundtracks and Hollywood voices, it's a perfectly stitched sound patchwork that pays loving hommage to the classic, funky days of early rap. A touching testimony to the joys of Hip-Hop then and now.

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