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Paris L.A. Bruxelles Instrumentals
LP / Nowy

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A1. Montre Suisse (instrumental)
A2. Perimetre (instrumental)
A3. Too Lazy To Finish (instrumental)
A4. Carriere (instrumental)
B1. Monnaie (instrumental)
B2. Membre De Gang (instrumental)
B3. Foret (instrumental)
B4. Metronomie (instrumental)
Opis produktu

“Last year I linked up with Redbull France. They brought me out to Paris for a week, paid for my records, and let me craft beats in their studio (I ended up moving the equipment to my hotel room due to smoking restrictions). The idea was to use strictly French samples, then hook me up with a bunch of dope new young artists from France and Brussels to make songs out of the beats. The final piece to the project was a sold out show in France where I presented each artist and they performed both the songs we did and their own hit songs. The project came out dope, I linked up with some really talented artists, and ended up making more than enough joints. This is the instrumental version of the project. Only 1000 pieces made. Enjoy.” - Alchemist

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