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Ch'ibich'eba/ Gojeb Flows Into Omo Black
7" / Nowy

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A1. Ch'ibich'eba
B1. Gojeb Flows Into Omo
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Along with the terrific music that is emanating from the That's Why territory, we're particularly enamoured with the twisted, discoid funk loops of Kingdom Of Kaffa. The reason? We love a bit of mysterious tape loopin'! Kaffa is really tearing shit up, as of late, showing the rest how the whole editing process is done; up first, "Ch'ibich'eba" is a dancehall murderer, spewing tough breaks over hypnotic guitar loops, and a whole bunch of organic instruments gone utterly loopy, while "Gojeb Flows Into Omo" drops a much funkier, slo-mo groove in the typical East African guise - mysterious, enchanting, and endlessly dreamy. A touch of class - highly recommended!

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