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Do You Feel Like A Party? Rare Singles - Memphis 1979-84
LP / Nowy

A1. Do You Feel Like A Party? (12 mix)
A2. Get Off (part 1)
A3. The First Family
A4. Slow Motion
B1. Reachin Out For Your Love (12 vocal mix)
B2. Changing Times
B3. Get Off
C1. Ten Toes Up Ten Toes Down
C2. What You Do For Love
C3. You Can Bet Iii Get You Yet
D1. Whats In The Dark Will Come To Life
D2. Do You Feel Like A Party (7 mix)
D3. Reachin Out For Your Love (instrumental)
Opis produktu

Arkansas native, Lee Moore moved to Memphis in 1975 with only one goal in mind: to make it big in the music industry and to release music that would be played in New York, L.A and everywhere in between. As a singer and songwriter Lee Moore spent the 1980s collaborating in Memphis with the best of the best session musicians and vocalists from labels like Volt and Stax Records to record and release futuristic boogie, soul, and funk. Lee Moore unfortunately never got close to reach his goals of fame and fortune. Past Due have taken the welcome liberty of repressing this monster slice of Disco-Soul from Moore's catalogue for us all to enjoy and spin on today's dance-floors. 'Do you feel like party?' is a rare early 80's jam from the man and features all the hallmarks of his unique sound and style.This DLP features every (incredibly rare) single and 12” that Lee produced under his name and different monikers.

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