Jazzanova - The Pool (White Vinyl Edition) [2LP]
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The Pool (White Vinyl Edition)

2LP / Nowy

A1. Now (L.O.V.E. & You & I) (feat Oddisee - part 2)
A2. Rain Makes The River (feat Rachel Sermanni)
A3. Follow Your Feet (feat Pete Josef)
B1. No. 9 (feat KPTN)
B2. Slow Rise (feat David Lemaitre)
B3. Let‘s Live Well (feat Jamie Cullum)
C1. Everything I Wanted (feat Charlotte OC)
C2. Heatwave (feat Olivier St. Louis)
D1. It‘s Beautiful (feat Paul Randolph)
D2. I'm Still Here (feat Edward Vanzet)
D3. Summer Keeps On Passing Me By (feat Ben Westbeech)
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Jazzanova are proud to announce their next full length, The Pool, is due for release via their own Sonar Kollektiv on June 29th 2018. It is their most mature and musical album yet and welcomes a host of talented collaborators including Jamie Cullum, Ben Westbeech, Pete Josef, Rachel Sermanni, Olivier St Louis, Paul Randolph and many more.  
They might not have put out an album in the last decade, but by no means have Jazzanova been out of the picture. Instead members Alex Barck, Claas Brieler, Axel Reinemer, Jürgen von Knoblauch and Stefan Leisering have been focussing on a diverse range of projects, as well as becoming parents. From running their JRS studio to A&Ring a wealth of new talent for their Jazzanova label via for producing others and, of course, continuing to play their unique live shows around the world, they are as immersed in music as ever.  

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