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Long Arm - Darkly (Grey Vinyl Edition) [2LP]
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Long Arm

Darkly (Grey Vinyl Edition)

2LP / Nowy


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A1. Prologue
A2. For All People With Broken Hearts
A3. I Walk, I Fly
A4. Air
B1. I Can't Wait
B2. Sleepy Bird
B3. Utopia
C1. Lullaby
C2. The Light
C3. Flight Through Thunderclouds
D1. Kurami's Georgia
D2. Something
D3. Darkly
D4. Prince
Opis produktu

"Darkly" comes out worldwide on limited double grey vinyl (500 copies) including download code & digitally.

Fascinated by the piano and with a little reluctance in regards to working on more electronic music, ‘Darkly‘ by Long Arm was originally started in 2015. Although it took him a while to get accustomed again to playing only the piano, at some point he had some raw and unfinished work. Around the same time he also got back into more electronic musical experiments, including different textures and multilayerdness. While simultaneously working on soundtracks for NOIR films, he was able to finish two compositions that would later help determine the direction of the new album and served to bridge the early solo piano compositions and the later electronic tracks. At the start of 2018 he was finally able to get back to his solo piano compositions and adding those missing elements that he could not hear three years earlier.

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