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Youth Culture

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After the big Anniversary issue #100 we thought it’s a brilliant idea to deal with YOUTH and its subsequent CULTURES - before we’re getting too old to have a clue about it. This is the first issue in a series of shape-shifting editions in a mono-thematic fashion.

And here’s a little sneak peek on what’s happening in our YOUTH issue…:
- DON LETTS... the original culture clash master, who single-handedly turned a generation of punks into reggae enthusiasts, speaks his mind about youth culture’s rich past and rather sober present.
- MARK OBLOW... has been busy building his own brand moblow between surfing, skating, consulting, shooting photos for various clients and enjoying the beaches and food of Costa Mesa.
- LESS... the celebrated South Korean photographer is an expert when it comes to capturing Seoul’s youth, which has the tendency to completely lose it as soon as the weekend arrives.
- SYLVAN RAND... was there, he witnessed all the new styles and movements and protests of the last five decades, and saw how the youngsters finally liberated themselves - and luckily for us, he finally decided to open his impressive archive to the public.
 - more eloquent statements and visual awesomeness about “youth“ from the likes of: TREVOR JACKSON, ZUZA KRAJEWSKA, MIKE BLABAC, THE INTERNET, GAURAB THAKALI, KAZUHIRO HORI and many others...

specs for the trump card players: 220 mm Width x 274 mm Height, portrait format, high quality print, different paper stocks, uv lacquer

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