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A1. We Made You Guys
A2. Years Ago
A3. Gas Ignited
A4. The Best At It
A5. It Don't Matter
A6. Who Do That
A7. Basement Freestyle
B1. This Is For My Niggas
B2. Dumb Shit
B3. 900 Rpm's
B4. Do It Yourself
B5. I Feel Like Bustin
B6. Freestyle
B7. The Ending
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Hieroglyphics member Casual's 1994 LP "Fear Itself" is an underground hip hop classic. In 1997, he released his follow-up "Meanwhile ..." on Cassette on Hieroglyphics' own Hiero Imperium imprint, and later self released on CD-R. Dope Folks finally gives Casual's "Meanwhile ..." the vinyl treatment: 14 previously unavailable tracks in all, limited to 350 vinyl copies, never to be repressed.

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2LP | 109,99 PLN
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