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Works (Orange Vinyl Edition)
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Truth
A2. Twiceshy
A3. Melonkoly
A4. Gloom
A5. Pressure
B1. Keepoised
B2. Bokeh
B3. Glazed
B4. Let's Never Come Back Here Again
C1. Fumes
C2. It's Over I Lost
C3. Meaningless Moments In Capsules
C4. Struck Out
C5. Tears
D1. Amber Park (Unreleased Bonus)
D2. Slumberprty (Unreleased Bonus)
D3. Blun_t (Unreleased Bonus)
D4. Be Careful It's Spooky Inside (Unreleased Bonus)
Opis produktu

In the span of just over 5 years, Rob Orme hast released 5 individual EP’s and a full length LP with Project: Mooncircle. Due to high demand and the fact that all of his releases are out of print, we decided to release “works”, a best-of compilation with some of his best and most prominent works, including 4 entirely new and unreleased songs.

“A collection of works created between 2011-2016. The tracks sum up where I’ve been at for these last 5 years. It’s a checkpoint. It represents many influences and the way things were for a period of time. For me personally “works” are memories.” – submerse

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