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Function Underground: The Black & Brown American Rock Sound 1969-1974
CD / Nowy

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01. 1984 - "There's A Wrinkle In Our Time"
02. Purple Snow - "Down By The River"
03. Jimi Macon - "Jimi's Guitar Raps With The Bass"
04. Creations Unlimited - "Corruption Is The Thing"
05. We The People - "Function Underground"
06. Michael Liggins & The Super Souls - "Loaded Back"
07. Stone Coal White - "Stone Coal White"
08. Blacklites - "BL Movement"
09. Ebony Rhythm Band - "Drugs Ain't Cool"
10. Cisneros & Garza Group - "I'm A Man"
11. LA Carnival - "Blind Man" (45 version)
12. The Revolution - "The Siesta Is Over"
13. Black Conspirators - "Just Got To Be Free"
14. Black Maffia - "I Want To Take You Higher"
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14 tracks by Jimi Macon, Black Maffia, Blacklites and more, many reissued for the first time. Includes a 16-page booklet with extensive notes on an overlooked and important portion of Rock n’ Roll’s history & a download card to WAV files of the full album. 

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