Black Ivory - Anthology [2CD]

Black Ivory


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Black Ivory was the pride of Harlem - and New York’s answer to the Philly-Fine Delfonics - but with in nitely more teen sex appeal. This silky-smooth 70s harmony trio featured the fabulous falsetto lead of Leroy Burgess (nephew of Philly soul legend, Thom Bell) and charted four top-40 R&B singles and two top-30 LPs under the guiding hand of their manager and TODAY records’ driving force, Patrick Adams. Songs like, “You and I”, “Time is Love” and “Don’t Turn Around” (which they performed live on Soul Train) are acknowledged Sweet Soul classics. And as the decade progressed and tastes changed, they successfully conquered the disco dance oors with fave-raves like, “Mainline” and “Walking Downtown (Saturday Night) for BUDDAH records – which were liberally sampled by the Hip-Hop generation – a true testament to the staying power of their incessantly soulful sound.

CD1_01 Don't Turn Around
CD1_02 Surrender
CD1_03 I'll Find A Way
CD1_04 I Keep Asking You Queastions
CD1_05 She Said That She's Leaving
CD1_06 If I Could Be A Mirror
CD1_07 You and I
CD1_08 Our Future
CD1_09 Find The One Who Loves You
CD1_10 Got To Be There
CD1_11 Baby, Won't You Change Your Mind
CD1_12 Just Leave Me Some
CD1_13 Time Is Love
CD1_14 Spinning Around
CD1_15 (It's) Tiem To Say Goodbye
CD1_16 No Ifs, Ands or Buts
CD1_17 Wishful Thinking
CD1_18 We Made It
CD1_19 No One Else 45
CD1_20 What Goes Around 45

CD2_01 Will We Ever Come Together
CD2_02 Daily News (Vocal)
CD2_03 Feel It
CD2_04 Love, Won't You Stay
CD2_05 You're What's Been Missing From My Life
CD2_06 White Wind
CD2_07 Walking Downtown (Saturday Night)
CD2_08 Longer Ride
CD2_09 Big Apple Rock
CD2_10 Mainline
CD2_11 You Turn My Whole World Around
CD2_12 You Are My Lover
CD2_13 You And I (1984)
CD2_14 Don't Turn Around (1984)
CD2_15 I Got My Eye On You (Extended Version 12")

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