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Greasy Listening
LP / Nowy

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A1. Live At The Collard Green Lounge
A2. Du The Twich
A3. Bite It
A4. Mr Porter
A5. Ballad For A Fallen Country
A6. Life Is A Chitlin Circuit
B1. Woody The Wino
B2. Nip It In The Bud
B3. Fabuloso!
B4. Bocho's Groove
B5. Black Olives
B6. The Bronx Is Burning
Opis produktu

Less than a year after their out-of-nowhere debut LP, J-Zone and Pablo Martin (aka The Du-Rites) return with their sophomore effort, “Greasy Listening”. The positive response to their 2016 self-titled offering inspired the NYC funk duo to become winter-spring studio rats and churn out 13 new tracks that both pick up where the initial offering left off and explore previously uncharted territory. 

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