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Holger Czukay - Cinema (Deluxe 5LP+DVD+MP3 Retrospective Boxset) [box]
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Holger Czukay

Cinema (Deluxe 5LP+DVD+MP3 Retrospective Boxset)

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A1. Holger Schuring Quintett - "Konfigurationen"
A2. Technical Space Composer's Crew - "Canaxis"
B1. Technical Space Composer's Crew - "Boat Woman Song"
B2. Cluster & Eno - "Ho Renomo"
C1. Holger Czukay - "Oh Lord Give Us More Money"
C2. Holger Czukay - "Persian Love"
D1. Holger Czukay - "Cool In The Pool"
D2. Holger Czukay - "Hollywood Symphony"
D3. Les Vampyrettes - "Biomutanten"
E1. Les Vampyrettes - "Menetekel"
E2. Phew - "Signal"
E3. Holger Czukay - "Witches Multiplication Table"
E4. Holger Czukay - "On The Way To The Peak Of Normal"
F1. Holger Czukay - "Ode To Perfume"
F2. Holger Czukay - "Two Bass Shuffle"
F3. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble - "How Much Are They?"
G1. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble - "Trench Warfare"
G2. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble - "Full Circle RPS (No 7)"
G3. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble - "Twilight World"
G4. Holger Czukay - "The Photo Song"
H1. Holger Czukay - "Der Osten Ist Rot"
H2. Holger Czukay - "Das Massenmedium"
H3. Holger Czukay - "Traum Mal Wieder"
H4. Holger Czukay - "Hey Baba Reebop"
H5. Holger Czukay - "Hit Hit Flop Flop"
I1. Holger Czukay - "Perfect World"
I2. Holger Czukay - "Music In The Air"
I3. Holger Czukay - "Ride A Radio Wave"
I4. Holger Czukay - "We Can Fight All Night"
I5. Holger Czukay - "Through The Freezing Snow"
J1. Holger Czukay - "Breath Taking"
J2. Holger Czukay - "La Premiere" (feat U-She)
J3. Holger Czukay/Ursa Major - "21st Century"
J4. Bison - "Mandy"
01. Fragrance (Video)
02. Holger On His First Video Recording Holger & Jaki
03. Krieg Der Tone (Sound Wars) TV Movie 1988 (DVD)
Opis produktu

Last year saw the passing of two monumental figures in rock history, legendary drummer Jaki Liebezeit and bassist Holger Czukay, the unrivalled rhythm section of influential krautrock group Can. Following Czukay's death, Gronland Records offer 'Cinema', a five LP posthumous retrospective that spans fifty years of his recording career. Numerous tributes have cited Czukay as a crucial cult figure, famed for collaborations with artists in a broad field; David Sylvian, Jah Wobble, Brian Eno and Karlheinz Stockhausen are to name but a few. This compilation covers such a broad catalogue of released and unreleased material - his most popular being from the iconic 1979 record 'Movies' - that it's essential listening for Czukay and Can lovers alike, as well as a fine introduction to the man's body of work. Released the day before what would have been Czukay's 80th birthday, 'Cinema' serves as a respectful and fascinating insight into a musician and composer who consistently and intelligently defied description.

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