Tommy Guerrero - Loose Grooves & Bastard Blues [LP]
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Tommy Guerrero

Loose Grooves & Bastard Blues

LP / Nowy

A1. BWs Blues
A2. So Blue It's Black
A3. Keep On Keepin On
A4. Azule
A5. Black Sheep Blues
A6. Thirty
B1. Pollo Caliente
B2. Never
B3. Solo
B4. Introspection Section
B5. Gone Again
B6. In My Head
B7. Soul Miner
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Re-issue with new sleeve, photographed by photo editor of Thrasher magazine Bryce Kanights when Tommy was 13 years old.
97 debut album from renowned skateboard rider Guerrero takes off on a fusionistic ride of acid jazz, trip hop, rock and downtempo groove.
This is one of the lesser known titles by Tommy Guerrero, instead of the more indie Rock or Post/Experimental-Rock sounds that made "A little Bit of Something" or "Hoy Yen Ass'n", such accomplished albums have largely been abandoned, in favour of something a little more subtle, studied and more akin to his Puerto Rican roots.
This is, by and large, a vastly stripped back affair compared to his later albums, with the acoustic guitar featuring prominently in virtually all the songs, with subtlety, and refinement, this feels like a improvised session between him and his group of musician friends that has been beautifully recorded and keep for prosperity. This is (apart from a couple of vocal tracks) a most instrumental album, with a super-laid back feel, that mixes simply devised melodies with hints of Blues/Funk, yet the prominence of a strong Cuban/Latin artistic approach run strong throughout the album.

Highly recommended!

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