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Zbigniew Namysłowski The Q - Open [LP]
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Zbigniew Namysłowski The Q


LP / Nowy


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A1. Double Trouble Blues
A2. Cuban Tango Mohito
A3. Bop - Berek
A4. 3 × Spagetti
B1. Rachitic March
B2. Who Can I Turn To
B3. Very Sad Bossa Nova
B4. Cy To Blues, Cy Nie Blues
Opis produktu

This is a superb album by Polish Jazz veteran, saxophonist / composer Zbigniew Namyslowski, recorded with a great quintet which includes pianist Kuba Stankiewicz, bassist Dariusz Oleszkiewicz, drummer Jerzy Glod and percussionist Jose Torres. All the music, except for one standard, was composed by Namyslowski, who seems to be completely untouched by time, full of creative and performing powers and always at the edge of latest Jazz developments. It is his music, which is the true magic here, and although his performances as well as those of the other players are all excellent, the music is immediately recognizable as Polish Jazz, which is hardly surprising when coming from one of the Godfathers of the genre. It was always Namyslowski's ability to create a perfect link between the Jazz tradition and Polish folklore, which is deeply embedded in his cultural background, which made him a model for a new breed of European Jazz players, those who would stand proudly and say that they can contribute something new and fresh to the already established tradition of American Jazz and make it their own. In retrospect this is another milestone recording in the long and glorious recorded legacy that Namyslowski managed to bestow upon us, and hopefully will be also enjoyed by future generations.

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