Parov Stelar - Coco [2LP]
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Parov Stelar


2LP / Nowy

A1. Coco (feat Lilja Bloom)
A2. Hurt
A3. For Rose
A4. True Romance (feat Lilja Bloom)
A5. Distance (feat Lylith)
A6. Wake Up Sister (feat Max The Sax)
A7. Let's Roll (feat Blaktroniks)
B1. Sunny Bunny Blues (feat Veda 36)
B2. Dandy (feat Yola B)
B3. Your Man
B4. Promises (feat Klaus Hainy)
B5. Letoile (feat Max The Sax)
B6. You & Me (feat Lilja Bloom)
B7. The Mojo Radio Gang (radio version)
C1. Ragtime Cat (feat Lilja Bloom)
C2. Silent Snow (feat Max The Sax)
C3. Libella Swing
C4. Catgroove
C5. Matilda
C6. The Flame
D1. Fleur De Lille
D2. Hotel Axos
D3. Monster
D4. Nosferatu
Opis produktu

With his unmistakable sound-mix of Jazz- and Swing samples and electronic music, Parov Stelar has secured his own unique position in the world of music. His eagerly awaited fourth album “Coco” will be released soon. The double CD starts off where his successful LP’s “Rough Cuts”, “Seven And Storm” and “Shine” ended. At the same time, he is also further developing his established jazzy sound by adding new stylistic elements to his tunes. Also his dancefloor productions, which up until now have only been published as singles, find a debut to a greater extent on his album. They meet with Stelar’s melancholic melodious trademark sound, which is well known from his earlier albums but is now also spiced up with Hip-Hop beats and synth-pads.
Parov Stelar manages to build bridges between his own worlds of sound with this extensive LP as well he as he does with dance music in general. An electrifying album to experience and fall for.

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