AG - The Taste Of AMBrosia [CD]
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The Taste Of AMBrosia

CD / Nowy

01. Night Of Fire ft. President Ella (produced by The Last Genius)
02. Everything Is Backwards (produced by The Alchemist)
03. Magical World (produced by The Bossmen)
04. What You Talking Bout ft. Diamond D (produced by Diamond D)
05. Losing My Mind ft. Frank Vocals (produced by Amed Harris)
06. Fort Apache ft. Priest Da Beast & Draf (produced by Chuck Platinum)
07. Marcus Garvey (interlude) (produced by The Last Genius)
08. The Bronx ft. Diamond D & A Bless (produced by Ray West)
09. Have It Your Way ft. Cassandra The Goddess & Whispers (produced by Nice Rec)
10. Price Of Fame (produced by K-Boogie)
11. Dead Presidents ft. Draf (produced by Nice Rec)
12. Childs Play ft. A Bless & Bugz (produced by Khardier Da God)
13. Adrenochrome ft. Priest Da Beast (produced by The Last Genius) [BONUS TRACK]
14. Dinner With The Devil (interlude) (produced by K-boogie) [BONUS TRACK]
15. I Go So Hard ft. Priest Da Beast & LiL V (produced by Creestal Fab) [BONUS TRACK]
16. B.L.O.W. (produced by The Last Genius) [BONUS TRACK]
17. A Word From Thirstin Howl 3 (produced by The Last Genius) [BONUS TRACK]
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A.G. returns with all-start cast, featuring the likes of Diamond D, Lord Finesse, Alchemist and more. For this album, he’s on his a-game, from beginning to end. Touching on topics from the hip hop biz, street tales and political hypocrisy.

Używamy ciasteczek w celu zapewnienia najwyższej jakości usług. OK