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Children of Zeus - Travel Light [2CD]

Children of Zeus

Travel Light

2CD / Nowy


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A1. The Story So Far...
A2. All On You" (feat [K S R] & DRS) (3:25)
A3. 360
B1. Slow Down
B2. Hoodman2Manhood
B3. Kintsugi
C1. The Heart Beat
C2. Fear Of A Flat Planet" (feat LayFullStop) (3:51)
C3. Hard Work
C4. Sling Shot Riddim" (feat Terri Walker) (2:58)
D1. Respect Mine
D2. Daddy's Car
D3. Vibrations (Divine Signature)
Opis produktu

First Word Records is very proud to present the debut album by Children of Zeus - 'Travel Light'. It's been a long road leading to this album for Tyler Daley and Konny Kon. They first embarked on their expedition into the music game two decades back - Tyler entered the scene as a songwriter, producer and vocalist, originally under the moniker Hoodman, whilst Konny began MCing, DJing and beat-making for hip hop crews The Microdisiacs and Broke'n'£nglish, along with DRS & Strategy. To date, Children of Zeus have released three sell-out singles on First Word ('Still Standing', 'I Can't Wait' and 'Slow Down') and a compilation EP comprised of tracks made by the duo over the last decade entitled 'The Story So Far…'. Children of Zeus are finally at the stage where they are releasing their debut album proper; the over-riding ethos of which is about keeping their eyes on the road ahead, whilst shedding the baggage they've accumulated over the years - 'Travel Light'.

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